Third Day by Tom Horn

Good Mornin' Y'all ,,,
Inre; The Christ In You ,the Hope of Glory,

I " SEE " the whole bible as a progression of growth study !

The Temple parallels the body,soul and Spirit. The outer court = body ,the inner court = soul and the Holy of Holies = Spirit.

Let's look at the profet ,priest and king. body = profet , the soul =priest and the king = Spirit.

The profet must prophesy , no understanding necessary .
When you are obedient to speak the Word , the Holy Spirit gives the increase and you get the understanding.A renewing of the mind takes place in part and you preach what you understand , when obedient to do that you get more understanding , the teacher teaches themselves, and the Holy Spirit gives the increase through obedience and You get the King annointing in that teaching and can walk in that which you have.
You are Christ in the flesh in the area of the mind that has been renewed , incubate more of Christ.

The Water is the soul relm , washed by the water of the Word.

body = blood , soul = water , Spirit = Spirit .
another look at the parallel of three's .

The Spirit , the water and the blood agree in one in the earth-en vessle , as the Father , the Word , and the Spirit agree in heaven .

Bringing Your body , soul and Spirit into agreement on any issue is growth !

The parallel of threes goes to sevens through the three main feasts.

1 Cor. 5-8 keep the feasts in Spirit , not by rote every year .

Passover = Born again , Unlevened bread = old man is dead , first fruits = new creation at infant stage ( Gal. 4-1 )
( as long as the heir remains a child he differs nothing from a servant 0

Pentecost = Baptized in the Spirit ( power to both will and do the Father's will )

Rosh ha Shanah = renew the mind ( battle for the mind )
Yom Kippor = reconsiled to Christ
Tabernacles = The Christ in You the Hope of Glory comes to the outside of You ( Heb. 10-36 ) ( after you have done the will of the Father , You recieve the promise )

This progression of growth study is included in the seven feasts to be kept by the Spirit not in the old leven .

" SEE " vs. " Enter "
John 3-3 must be born again to " SEE " the kingdom ,,,
John 3-5 must be born of Water and Spirit to " Enter " the kingdom.
water has been confused with the whomb or water baptism ,,,

We understand born again of the Spirit , born of Water is washed by the water of the Word , a renewing of the mind .
Born again , again so to speak. Keep renewing the mind until the job is done not until you get tired of messing with it .

Bringing the Spirit through to the actions in your flesh .

Double mindedness = two souls , the renewed mind in part and the old stinking thinking in part. The battle is still on !

Cleanse yourself of all filthiness of the flesh and the spirit ,
( 2 Cor. 7-1)
spirit here is worldly spiritual strongholds. Your job to do !
With obedience you get the increase ! ! ! !

We can reduce the bible down to 5 words !
Hear Yahweh's voice and Obey !
Obedience is better than sacrifice .
Obedience to the Rema Word is the finest form of Worship ,
Worship is our War Ship ! Step by step councel of God .