Third Day by Tom Horn

Good Mornin’ Y’all ,,, Inre; The Christ In You ,the Hope of Glory, I ” SEE ” the whole bible as a progression of growth study ! The Temple parallels the body,soul and Spirit. The outer court = body ,the inner court = soul and the Holy of Holies = Spirit. Let’s look at the […]

Resurrection Life– A study by Van Tanner

Heb. 11:35-36 …women received by a rising again their dead, and others were tortured, not accepting the redemption, that they might receive a BETTER RESURRECTION,

There are two options for the believer in these passages. First; we can be content with a resurrection that comes on the far side of the grave, which offers little more that an eternal existence in heaven. Or we can obtain a “better resurrection” if we refuse to accept deliverance from the tortures of this life?

The first “rising again” or resurrection life is received through mercy and grace. This kind of resurrection is what most of the church is hoping for, yet it is presented as the lesser of two options. The second “better” resurrection is the resurrection life that can be obtained, while we are still alive.

Clouds of Glory by Gina Tanner

While visiting the Florida Keys, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, the fish, the wildlife, and especially the sunsets. The clouds were so magnificent that often I would find myself just sitting and staring at the sky, watching their movements and formations. I went to the Word, and the Lord began showing me […]