Welcome to Third Day Voice

Van and Gina travel and share this message of the Kingdom wherever God sends them and are available to share with your fellowship or home group upon request. They have been pastors for 12 years and spent the last 18 years promoting the Christ in Us message to all who desire to hear. They are a trumpet sounding the alarm and declaring the midnight cry to a chosen generation. If you are interested you can contact Van here.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Third Day Voice

  1. Hi Van & Gina,
    We are enjoying our new home very much; thank you! Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend the broadcast tonight, as we are going over to our daughter’s for a send-off dinner for her oldest daughter, Natalie, who is going away to start college tomorrow. She will be going to Lafayette. LA. Pray that she stays safe there and has a good semester. Praise Report: I got an “all Clear ” on my angiogram last week! Thanks for your prayers. We love you all, and plan to be back next week. The website for the webcast is awesome1

  2. I don’t understand how to use the “sound scroll”. Maybe we could get a brief lesson on that next time, to post our comments, although I see it posted here.

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